Le Mariage Ensemble

Musicians that dedicate themselves to the music of the wedding ceremony.

My name is Laura Mariano. I am a flutist and a music teacher. I coordinate my colleagues in this group we have called Le Mariage Ensemble. We are soloist and orchestra players, teachers. Some of us are young but, for the most part, we have dedicated ourselves to marriages for about twenty years.

You can trust us with the music for your ceremony.
No surprise can catch us unprepared, nor last minute change, in liturgy or else, nor situation will be left unattended. Our attivity has been prevalentely formed at the Tenuta di San Liberato at Bracciano, wich many of this picture refer to, but we have also played in the most renowned Churches and Estates in Rome and surrounding.
If you are thinking of accompanying your wedding ceremony with music and you wish to contact us, you will be sent a brief musical exemple of the instruments at your disposal, along our price list. Based upon the instruments or voices you will have picked, a CD with our registered songs with the complete repertoire will be put at your disposal, along with the videos you can find on this website, in order to let you decide in a comfortable way.

We also accompany the spouses with music during ceremonies of Civil Marriage.